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Counties-Manukau Results


Overall Ms. Shape Counties-Manukau

Overall Mr. Physique Counties-Manukau

Overall Ms. Figure Counties-Manukau

Overall Mr. Body-Board Shorts Counties-Manukau

Mr. Counties-Manukau Athletic

Ms. Counties-Manukau Physique

Danielle McGough

Aaron Scurr

Sasha Bell

Aaron Scanlan

James Toea’ana

Wendy Rowe

Mr. Body-Board Shorts Novice

1. Aaron Scanlan

2. Arman Ingal

3. Terry Milani

4. Shaun Avis

5. Mika Haitana

6. Geovanni Apulu


Novice Shape

1. Danielle McGough

2. Rhiannon Lelieveld

3. Siobhan Russell


Open Shape

1. Amy Stewart                                 


Masters 60+

1. Richard Eilenberg

2. Amos Ale

3. Charlie Choi                                  


Physique Women 50+

1. Wendy Rowe


Figure 50+

1. Leslea Eilenberg                           


Open Figure Short

1. Sasha Bell                                       

Mr Body-Board Shorts Open

1. Nigel Tausie

2. Donovan Ngwun

3. Shirvain Sethi                                 


Novice Athletic Short

1. James Toea’ana                          


Teenage Men

1. Varn Hiko                                       


Novice Physique Men Tall

1. Aaron Scurr                                   


Masters 50+

1. Tony Istead                                    


Open Physique Men Tall

1. Taumata Soloman


Mixed Pairs

1. Leslea & Richard Eilenberg

2018 Top Counties-Manukau Gym Award

Anytime Fitness

New York Fitness

Jetts Auckland Airport

Spartan HQ Gym

Best Male Performance

Taumata Soloman


Best Female Performance

Amy Stewart





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(06) 356 1570

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