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2021 Auckland
Bodybuilding Championships

Saturday 24 July 2021, Christchurch


2021 NABBA Auckland

Bodybuilding Championships
Saturday 24 July 2021





Ms. Auckland Shape

Dehlia Bourke

Overall Mr. Auckland Athletic

Bevan Assink

Overall Mr. Auckland Physique

Aaron Scurr

Overall Ms. Auckland Physique

Gracelia Gregario

Overall Ms. Auckland Figure

Zindy Bonnevie

Mr. Auckland Body-Board Shorts

Michael Stininato

Ms. Auckland Classic Womwn

Karen Chan



Novice Mr. Body-Board Shorts

1.    Michael Stininato

2.    William Misili

3.    Jaybee Bitanga

4.    Wiremu Moke


Physique Women 40+

1.    Leeanne Nichols


Novice Physique Women Short

1.    Gracelo Gregorio


Classic Women

1.    Karen Chan

2.    Josephine Nathan

3.    Michelle Anderson


Novice Figure Short

1.    Zindy Bonnevie

2.    Sandra Weichert


Masters 50+

1.    Kieran Fitzsimmons

2.    Dale Cray


Masters 60+

1.    Donald Espin

2.    Charlie Choi


Masters 70+

1.    Alec Were

2.    Jack Apelu

Shape 30+

1.    Dehlia Bourke

2.    Kate Assink


Novice Athletic Short

1.    David Yu

Masters Athletic 40+

1.    Bevan Assink

2.    Kane Raukura


Figure 50+

1.    Lyween Cornaga

2. Leonie McCraith


Figure 60+

1.    Patricia Brevis


Teenage Men

1.    Liam de Latour


Novice Physique Men Short

1.    Massimo Visione


Novice Physique Men Tall

1.    Steven Pongi


Open Physique Men Tall

1.    Aaron Scurr

Best Male Performance

David Yu


Best Female Performance

Lyween Cornaga

2021 Top Auckland Gym Award

Habitat for Fitness

Revitalise East Tamaki



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