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Athletic Men Classes


Masters Athletic 40+        40 years +

Masters Athletic 50+        50 years +

Masters Athletic 60+        60 years +

Novice Athletic                Short Class, Tall Class

Open Athletic                  Short Class, Tall Class

International Athletic        One Class

Category Description


  • The Mr. Athletic class has evolved from the Mr. Physique class for men who have good athletic bodies without the large mass of a physique athlete. This class, although equally disciplined, is more attainable to a wider spectrum of athletes, and those not genetically pre-disposed to muscular bulk.

  • This class must show all the requirements of low body fat and separation like that of an ideal physique athlete, but without the heavy muscular development of a physique bodybuilder.

  • The ideal objective of the Athletic Athlete should be to attain a low body fat level, balanced development and muscular separation.

  • The athlete should present (In equal importance): Muscularity, Separation, Symmetry, Proportion.

3. The poses for Athletic Men are as follows:

  • Double Biceps from the front

  • Lat Spread from the front

  • Side Chest from right side

  • Side Tricep from right side

  • Rear Double Biceps with one leg displaying calf and leg bicep

  • Rear Lat Spread with other leg displaying calf and leg bicep

  • Side Chest from left side

  • Side Tricep from left side

  • Abdominal and Thigh Pose with arms placed behind the head

  • Most Muscular Pose with hands placed at hips

Download the classes's full Information Book for all the details.





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