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Classic Women Class

The Ideal objective will be to achieve:

1.1     A reasonable low body fat level

1.2     A well balanced development between upper & lower body

1.3     Showing good development, proportion and symmetry

1.4     Weight Restriction Rules

Lower body Weight rule   Height in cm – 100x90%

Upper body Weight rule   Height in cm – 100

Example Height 165cm would have:

lower Weight Limit = 58.5KG  

Upper Weight Limit = 65KG

2.       Comparison Round - Symmetry and Compulsory

2.1    Double Bicep from the front

2.2    Side Chest Left Side

2.3    Side Triceps Left Side

2.4    Rear Double Bicep showing legs and calves

2.5    Side Chest Right Side

2.6   Side Triceps Right Side

2.7   Face Front Abs & Thigh pose arms behind head

3.     Individual Routine to music (30-60 seconds)

4.     Class Requirements

4.1   No footwear

4.2   The wearing of jewellery is optional

4.3   Bodybuilding Posing Bikini should be one colour.  The bikini should be of simple classic presentation, that is no bling or extra adornment on the bikini.

4.4   No props allowed

4.5   Hands can be open or clenched





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