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Competition Classes

Mr Body Board Shorts Novice

Mr Body Board Shorts Open

Mr Body Board Shorts 30+


Category Description


  • The Judges will assess the overall male athletic appearance, taking into consideration the condition of the skin tone and also the hair and facial features. Judges will be looking for a fit contestant who displays proper shape; balance and symmetry, combined with muscularity and overall condition. Judging will be ranked, based on five key elements:

1. Muscularity

Mr. Body will show overall development, without the extreme muscularity/mass of a Physique competitor. Extreme muscularity will be marked down.

2. Definition

Mr. Body will show overall muscular definition, without the extreme leanness or vascularity achieved by the low body fat percentage, as attained by a Physique or Athletic competitor. Visible abdominal muscularity and tightness through the core is encouraged.

3. Proportion

Mr. Body should show proportionate balance between muscle groups

4. Symmetry

Mr. Body should show width through the shoulder line, with a visible ‘v’ taper through the back, into a tight waist, whilst presenting symmetrical development between each side of the physique.

5. Stage Presentation

Mr. Body should present on stage with confidence and a marketable appearance, with ability to pose well to display the physique. With a heightened importance on presentation Mr.Body competitors should always be well-groomed, present a good tan, smile, and have appropriately fitting board shorts.

3. Individual Round – T Walk Showing Personality, Stage Presence and Poise

Please Note: There is no individual routine for this class

Athletes will come on stage individually and perform a stage walk with an optional pause or pose, before forming/joining a lineup at the rear of the stage. Athletes can now choose their own music of 60 seconds duration, for their T-walk: as per diagram 


  • Walk on stage to rear center stage, pause briefly in a stance/pose of your choice

  • Walk forward to front center stage (pause in stance or pose)

  • Walk to stage left front

  • Walk to stage right front

  • Walk back to front center stage

  • Turn and walk to rear of stage in a semi-relaxed stance

  • Athletes will form a line-up at the rear of the stage (left to right in numerical order). Once all athletes are in the line-up, the lineup will be instructed to walk forward to the front of the stage, where they will hold a semi-relaxed stance, before being instructed to leave the stage.

Comparison Round - Symmetry and Poses

In line-up the athletes will directed through quarter turns; to show Relaxed Stance plus five Compulsory Poses. Please Note: Relaxed Stance is a Symmetry Stance with one hand to the hip, foot placement is optional.


  • Quarter turn to the Right – Relaxed Stance

  • Quarter turn to the Rear – Relaxed Stance

  • Quarter turn to the Right – Relaxed Stance

  • Quarter turn to the Front – Relaxed Stance

  • Front Double Bicep

  • Side Chest (either side)

  • Side Tricep (either side)

  • Rear Double Bicep

  • Abdominal and/or Oblique

Class Requirements


  • Board shorts must be loose fitting and should sit just above the knee

  • Material and colour can be of the athlete’s personal choice (although fitted lycra shorts are not allowed)

  • Personal Sponsor logos are not permitted on the board shorts. However a manufacturer’s logos are allowable eg. Nike, Billabong etc.

  • No Footwear

  • No jewelry or accessories are allowed (except for a wedding ring)


Judging is scored by ranking
Please Note: There is a Novice Class  and an Open Class.





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