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Competition Classes

Figure 40+                           40 years +

Figure 50+                           50 years +

Figure 60+                           60 years +

Novice Figure                      Short Class, Tall Class

Open Figure                        Short Class, Tall Class

International Figure             One Class

Category Description


The Figure Class differs from the Physique Women’s Class in that:

  • Symmetry and Proportion are more significant than muscularity.

  • The ideal objective should be to achieve a firm, toned, feminine physique.

  • The Figure Women’s muscles should show good development, they should be full and well rounded while still showing separation and definition.

  • Presentation, Deportment and Preparation take an increased importance in the Figure Class, as these qualities enhance the feminine aspect of the figure athletes.

The poses for Figure Women are as follows:


  • Double Biceps from the front

  • Side Chest from right side

  • Side Tricep from right side

  • Rear Double Biceps with one leg displaying calf and leg bicep

  • Side Chest from left side

  • Side Tricep from left side

  • Abdominal and Thigh Pose with arms placed behind the head


Class Requirements:


  • During the rounds stated earliest the wearing of jewelry is optional.

  • Shoes must be worn.

  • Hands are to remain open during all comparison poses, and the individual routines.

  • No props are allowed.





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