1. Figure Women Classes

Figure 40+                           40 years +

Figure 50+                           50 years +

Novice Figure                      Short Class, Tall Class

Open Figure                        Short Class, Tall Class

International Figure             One Class


Rule: Height – 100 x 90% = Maximum Allowable Weight


Class 1: Tall, over 1.63

Class 2: Short, up to and including 1.63 m

2. Class Description


The Figure Class differs from the Physique Women’s Class in that:

  • Symmetry and Proportion are more significant than muscularity.

  • The ideal objective should be to achieve a firm, toned, feminine physique.

  • The Figure Women’s muscles should show good development, they should be full and well rounded while still showing separation and definition.

  • Presentation, Deportment and Preparation take an increased importance in the Figure Class, as these qualities enhance the feminine aspect of the figure athletes.

3. The poses for Figure Women are as follows:


  • Double Biceps from the front

  • Side Chest from right side

  • Side Tricep from right side

  • Rear Double Biceps with one leg displaying calf and leg bicep

  • Side Chest from left side

  • Side Tricep from left side

  • Abdominal and Thigh Pose with arms placed behind the head


4. Class Requirements:


  • During the rounds stated earliest the wearing of jewelry is optional.

  • Shoes must be worn.

  • Hands are to remain open during all comparison poses, and the individual routines.

  • No props are allowed.

Download the Classes and Criteria PDF for more details.





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