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Competition Classes

Teenage Women                 One Class

Physique Women 40+         40 years +

Physique Women 50+         50 years +

Novice Physique                  Short Class, Tall Class

Open Physique                    Short Class, Tall Class

International Physique         One Class

Category Description


  • The emphasis must be on muscular shape maintaining a feminine look, that is, without the heavy muscular development and size of a male physique.

  • The ideal objective should be to achieve a low body fat level, balanced development and muscular separation, without going to an extreme that would render the physique asexual or competitive on equal terms with a male body builder.

  • The ideal well-balanced athlete should present (In equal importance): Muscularity, Mass, Separation, Symmetry, Proportion.

The poses for Physique Women are as follows:


  • Double Biceps from the front

  • Lat Spread from the front

  • Side Chest from right side

  • Side Tricep from right side

  • Rear Double Biceps with one leg displaying calf and leg bicep

  • Rear Lat Spread with other leg displaying calf and leg bicep

  • Side Chest from left side

  • Side Tricep from left side

  • Abdominal and Thigh Pose with arms placed behind the head


Class Requirements:


  • The wearing of jewelry is optional

  • The wearing of shoes is not permitted

  • Physique Class poses are to be executed with the hands closed (clenched)





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