1.7 Physique Men


Teenage Men                      One Class

Masters 40+                        40 years +

Masters 50+                        50 years +

Masters 65+                        65 years +

Junior Men                          One Class

Novice Physique                 Short Class, Tall Class

Open Physique                   Short Class, Tall Class

International Physique        One Class

2. Class Description


  • The ‘original’ Body Building class.

  • Over the years the classes on offer to bodybuilders has evolved and diversified, but the classic Mr. Physique class has held the test of time.

  • This class caters to what some may call ‘hard-core’ body builders.

  • The ideal objective of the Physique Athlete should be to attain a low body fat level, balanced development and muscular separation.

  • The athlete should present (In equal importance): Muscularity, Mass, Separation, Symmetry, Proportion.

3. The poses for Physique Men are as follows:

  • Double Biceps from the front

  • Lat Spread from the front

  • Side Chest from right side

  • Side Tricep from right side

  • Rear Double Biceps with one leg displaying calf and leg bicep

  • Rear Lat Spread with other leg displaying calf and leg bicep

  • Side Chest from left side

  • Side Tricep from left side

  • Abdominal and Thigh Pose with arms placed behind the head

  • Most Muscular Pose

4. Teenage Men

For 2019 Teenage Men must wear ‘Classic Physique Shorts’ with no logos showing

More information can be found on the website

Download the classes's full Information Book for all the details.





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