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NABBA NZ Area Representatives Directory                                                                                                      

1.         NABBA New Zealand Constitution                                                                                                             

2.         NABBA NZ Objectives                                                                                                                        

3.         Meetings                                                                                                                                                 

4.         Membership                                                                                                                                          

5.         Fees                                                                                                                                                          

6.         Competitions and Awards                                                                                                                

7.         NABBA Show Guide                                                                                                                       

8.         NABBA NZ National Championships                                                                                                   

9.         NABBA World Championships                                                                                                

10.       NABBA Universe Championships                                                                                               

11.       NABBA Official Congress                                                                                                               

12.       Definition of an Amateur                                                                                                               

13.       Money and Other Assets                                                                                                            

14.       Winding Up                                                                                                                                          

15.       Rule Alteration                                                                                                                                             

16.       Categories and Classes                                                                                                                         

16.1 Shape Women

16.2 Figure Women

16.3 Physique Women

16.4 Mr Body – Board Shorts

16.5 Athletic Men

16.6 Physique Men

16.7 Mixed Pairs

17.       Class Groupings                                                                                                                                   

17.1 Age Groups

17.1.1 Masters Men

17.1.2 Masters Men Athletic 40+, 50+, 60+

17.1.3 Figure Women 40+, 50+, 60+

17.1.4 Physique Women 40+, 50+

17.1.5 Junior Men

17.1.6 Teenage Men / Teenage Women

17.1.7 Shape 30+

17.2 Height Divisions 

17.2.1 Physique Women

17.2.2 Figure Women

17.2.3 Physique Men

17.2.4 Athletic Men

18.       Class Rules                                                                                                                                              

18.1 Novice Status

18.2 International Status

18.3 Class Restrictions

18.4 Combined Classes

18.5 Figure and Athletic Class Rules

18.6 Pro Card

19.       New Zealand National Title Rule                                                                                                    

20.       Contest Rules                                                                                                                                        

21.       Competition Guidelines                                                                                                                    

22.       General Contest Rules                                                                                                                      

23.       Competitor Responsibilities                                                                                                            

24.       Disciplinary Action                                                                                                                               


17. Rules
18. Rules



The National Amateur Body Builders’ Association is a non-profit making concern and all monies received are used soley for the purpose of the Association.

The management of the Association is in the hands of an Executive Committee. The committee is easily available for regular consultation on urgent or day to day matters.

There are Area Representatives for each of the major areas, who work in close liaison with the President and Secretary. They are also informed regularly about all NABBA matters. They are responsible for organising shows in their areas and through their Area Chairman of Judges appointing Judges for NABBA shows in their areas.



2.1 To unite in one powerful Association all those interested in body building as a recreation, as an aid to health and fitness and in the perfection of the physique, and for the improvement of personal performance in all forms of sport.


2.2 To provide a platform for Novice, Open and international Body Builders throughout New Zealand by providing Regional, National and International Competitions.


2.3 To promote in New Zealand trial for the purpose of selecting teams to represent New Zealand in International Competition.


2.4 To promote International physique contests; send leading competitors abroad and to bring leading body builders to this country for shows and demonstrations.


2.5 To maintain a central office of information on body building, club addresses, and to advise body builders through the Association’s official website on future coming championships.


2.6 To standardise and control the judging of all physique contests and to appoint a board of qualified judges.


2.7 To encourage all body builders to use their physical advantage to some form of sporting activity.


2.8 To co-operate with recognised Sports Association at home and overseas in the furtherance of their aims and objectives.


2.9 To use all means available to make known the benefits of body building to a wider public.




In order to cut down the costs of expensive and often unnecessary meetings by bringing area representatives to a central meeting place, the Secretary is in constant touch with them, and they often meet at various shows up and down the country, also at the NABBA New Zealand Championships, trials for the NABBA Universe and World Championships.



Membership in the New Zealand National Amateur Body Builders’ Association is open to all physical cultures, men and women over the age of fourteen years, either as an amateur or associate member and is current for twelve months from the month of enrolement. It becomes renewable in the same month each year thereafter.

Those under the age of fourteen years are only accepted for membership if they have their parents’ permission to become members.




The Annual Membership subscription for one individual is $80.00. There is an Entry Fee of $60.00 for each competitor, for each competition he or she competes in during the year. Fees can be paid online. Full payment details are available in CONDITIONS AND RULES OF ENTRY.



The New Zealand Regional Body Building Competitions are held throughout the year for NABBA Members to qualify for the New Zealand National Championships, held annually.




All National and Regional NABBA Shows will be advertised on our website, posters and Facebook pages as often as possible.




The NABBA New Zealand Championship, this annual event will be situated in a different area, if a suitable venue is available, and the required minimum bid fees have been met.




This great event is staged annually in different countries around the world. New Zealand will select a team at the World Qualifier Shows held in New Zealand.




NABBA Universe, this great event will be staged annually. New Zealand will select a team at the New Zealand National Championships.




All NABBA affairs will be reported at the NABBA Official Congress to be held annually in January.




For the purpose of the ‘National Amateur Body Builders’ Association’ the definition of an amateur is:


12.1 One who has not competed for a money prize.


12.2 One who has not competed in a contest earmarked for professionals.


13. Money and Other Assets/Payments and Unrestricted Benefits to Members


13.1 NABBA New Zealand may only use Money and Other Assets if:

a) It is only for the purpose of NABBA New Zealand

b) It is not for the sole personal or individual benefit of any member. No member or person who is associated with a member of the organisation shall derive any income, benefit or advantage from the organisation where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage. The Exceptions are where it is derived from professional services to the organisation carried out in the course of business that are charged at a rate that is not greater than current market rates.

c) The use has been approved by the NABBA New Zealand Executive of NABBA NZ


14. Winding Up


14.1 If NABBA New Zealand is wound up;

a) NABBA New Zealand’s debts, costs and liabilities shall be paid

b) Surplus Money and Other Assets of NABBA New Zealand will be disposed by Resolution

c) No distribution will be made to any Member

d) Surplus Money and Other Assets shall be distributed to NABBA International Incorporated


15. Rule Alteration for Rule #13 and Rule #14


Inland Revenue must approve any addition to or alteration of the aims/objects, payments to the members clause or the winding up clause. The provisions and effect of this clause shouldn’t be removed from this document and shall be included and implied into any document that replaces this document.





Novice Shape                           One Class

Shape 30+                                One Class

Open Shape                             One Class

International Shape*                 One Class



Figure 40+                                 40 years +

Figure 50+                                 50 years +

Figure 60+                                 60 years +
Novice Figure                            Short Class, Tall Class

Open Figure                              Short Class, Tall Class

International Figure                   One Class



Teenage Women                       One Class

Physique Women 40+               40 years +

Physique Women 50+               50 years +

Novice Physique                        Short Class, Tall Class

Open Physique                          Short Class, Tall Class

International Physique               One Class




                Mr Body Board Shorts Novice   One Class

                Mr Body Board Shorts Open     One Class

                Mr Body Board Shorts 30+        30 years +



Masters Athletic 40+                  40 years +

Masters Athletic 50+                  50 years +

Masters Athletic 60+                  60 years +

Novice Athletic                           Short Class, Tall Class

Open Athletic                             Short Class, Tall Class

International Athletic                  One Class




Teenage Men                           One Class

Masters 40+                               40 years +

Masters 50+                               50 years +

Masters 60+                               60 years +

Masters 70+                               70 years +

Junior Men                                 One Class

Novice Physique                        Short Class, Tall Class

Open Physique                          Short Class, Tall Class

International Physique               One Class


16.7 MIXED PAIRS                             One Class


PLEASE NOTE: * International Classes are only available at International and International Qualifier Events





17.1.1 Masters Men - Physique

Class 1: 40 years and over on the day of competition

Class 2: 50 years and over on the day of competition

Class 3: 60 years and over on the day of competition

Class 4: 70 years and over on the day of competition


17.1.2 Masters Men – Athletic 40+ / 50+ / 60+

Class 1: 40 years and over on the day of competition

Class 2: 50 years and over on the day of competition

Class 3: 60 years and over on the day of competition


                  17.1.3 Figure Women 40+ / 50+ / 60+

                  Rule: 40 years and over on the day of competition

                  17.1.4 Physique Women 40+ / 50+

                  Rule: 40 years and over on the day of competition

17.1.5 Junior Men

Rule: Under 23 years of age on the 1st January, in the year of competition


17.1.6 Teenage Men and Women

Rule: Under 20 years of age on the 1st January, in the year of competition

Note: This is a Physique Class, Teenage Men and Women will do physique poses

17.1.7    Shape 30+

                  Rule: 30 years and over on the day of competition

17.1.8    Mr Body Board Shorts

                  Rule: 30 years and over on the day of competition




17.2.1 Physique Women

Class 1: Tall, Over 1.63m

Class 2: Short, Up to and including 1.63m


17.2.2 Figure Women:

Rule: Height – 100 x 90% = Maximum Allowable Weight

Class 1: Tall, over 1.63

Class 2: Short, up to and including 1.63m


17.2.3 Physique Men

Class 1: Tall, Over 1.72m

Class 2: Short, Up to and including 1.72m


17.2.4 Athletic Men: 

Rule: Height – 100 + 3 = Maximum Allowable Weight

Class 1: Tall, Over 1.75cm

Class 2: Short, Up to 1.75cm





18.1.1 Rule: One who has not previously won a class, or placed in the top three in a NZ National Championships, in any recognized bodybuilding organisation (subject to rule 18.3.1)


18.1.2 Rule: Novice Competitors that win their class at a Regional Competition will retain their Novice Status for the year of their win; up to and including the National Championships.


18.1.3 Rule: An ‘Overall Title’ (won at any Regional Competition) will have no bearing on a competitors’ Novice Status.


18.1.4 Rule: Novice athletes representing New Zealand at a NABBA World or Universe Championships will gain International Status which will remain current for two years (from the date of the competition) Page 7, NABBA NZ Rule Book, 2017 Edition


18.1.5 Rule: Novice athletes invited to represent New Zealand at a NABBA Pro-AM or Asia Pacific Championships will retain their novice status for that year of competition.



18.2.1 Rule: Athletes will be recognised as International if they have competed at either a NABBA World or NABBA Universe Championships.


18.2.2 Rule: NZ National Open Champions will gain International Status. Anyone who wins a Mr/Ms NZ Overall Title gains International Status. NZ National Winners of Figure 40+ and 50+ will gain International Status.


18.2.3 Rule: The International Status will remain current for two years (from the date of the competition) Athletes who attain International Status will be recorded on a Register.


18.2.4 Rule: The Recognition is specific to the class the athlete competed in




18.3.1 Rule: There must be three athletes to constitute a class


18.3.2 Rule: This rule also applies to classes with a height weight rule




18.4.1 Rule: In a Regional Competition, if there are less than three athletes in a height class, athletes will compete in a combined class, to ensure meaningful competition.


18.4.2 Rule: Novice and Open classes will not be combined.


18.4.3 Rule: Athletes competing in a combined class, will still qualify for the NZ National Championships, in their nominated height class. Example: If three Novice Figure Tall competitors and one Novice Figure Short competitor enter a Regional competition, the class will be combined, and judged as one class. Competitors will still qualify for Nationals in their nominated height class.


18.4.4 In the Open Classes, Short and Tall Classes will not be combined




18.5.1 Rule: All Figure/Athletic Class competitors, who come in too heavy, can compete in the corresponding Physique Class, only at Regional Competitions


18.5.2 Rule: A selected class may only be changed by a NABBA Executive Official in consultation with the athlete, where he/she has failed to meet the height/weight ratio. This rule applies to Regional and National Competitions.




18.6.1 Rule: Must compete and place in top three at a Regional to qualify for the National Championships


18.6.2 Rule: Must compete at the Nationals and win the National Physique Overall Title


18.6.3 Rule: The Overall winner can apply for his Pro Card


18.6.4 Rule: The NZ Team Selection Panel will confirm the Pro-Card Selection/Qualification


18.6.5 Rule: Pro Card Classification will be held from date of Selection Confirmation, subject to athletes competing in one show annually. Page 8, NABBA NZ Rule Book, 2017 Edition


18.6.6 Rule: Refer to NABBA International Rules about return to Amateur Status



19.1 Rule: At the NZ National Championships, athletes can only compete in a class they have qualified for and selected.


19.2 Rule: At the NZ National Championships, Open and International class winners will compete for the Overall Champion Title. Plus other class winners of high enough standard will be invited to compete in the Overall Champion Title, for the respective Mr. and Ms. New Zealand Titles.


19.3 When overseas International Athletes compete in an International Invitational Class at a New Zealand National Championships, they will be competing for International Titles, that is, they are not eligible for New Zealand National Titles.




20.1 All competitors shall be current NABBA Members. All competitors must submit an Entry Form, and follow the Conditions and Rules of Entry (Page 2, of the NABBA NZ Entry Form). There is a closing date for entries of two weeks prior to contest date.


20.2 Judging Rounds:

a) Round One Symmetry - front, back and side line up

b) Round Two Compulsory Poses - standard comparison poses

c) Evening Show Finals Round Three - individual posing routines. Individual routines will be from 30 seconds to 60 seconds duration.


20.3 Competitors own music may be used at the judging and/or show at the discretion of the contest organisers. Organisers shall provide suitable music for competitors not using their own. Organisers must provide adequate changing facilities and suitable lighting for physique presentation.


20.4 Competitors may enter only one class per show. Unless an International contest is run in conjunction with a Regional competition.


20.5 In the case of a large number of entries, finalists only, may be selected at the judging to appear at the show. Athletes will be advised at Athlete Briefing.


20.6 Dream tan is still permitted at all competitions. Competitors are firmly reminded to take care with all tan products. You may be liable for vandalizing premises associated with competition.


20.7 Any competitor acting in an unsportsman like manner, must be reported to NABBA HQ, and may be liable to disciplinary action. If considered serious enough he or she may be disqualified from the contest by the Judges present.


20.8 Contest organisers may specify age limits for junior or senior contests, which must be known to competitors in advance. It is the organisers responsibility to check the birth certificate if necessary.


20.9 Only NABBA approved judges shall officiate. Organisers must invite judges’ well in advance and submit names of the proposed judges to NABBA HQ.


20.10 The rules apply to male and female competitors unless otherwise stated.


20.11 All contests are for amateur competitors, unless otherwise stated. An amateur competitor is one who has not competed for a money prize. Page 9, NABBA NZ Rule Book, 2017 Edition




21.1 NABBA Registration/Contest Entry Forms must be submitted online only (as of 2016). Entries Close two weeks before the competition. You can attach your MP3 music file to your Entry Form.


21.2 21.2 The “Late Entry Policy” is being deleted as of January 2018.


21.3 All competitors must check-in on their arrival at the judging venue. Membership cards and or appropriate I.D must be produced at this time, or entry may be refused.


21.4 All competitors will have their height and weight checked during check-in.


21.5 Competitors will be issued with a number; this will be pinned to the left side of the trunks, and worn for the Judging Rounds and the Evening Show Finals.


21.6 Competitors will be given time to prepare for the judging and a marshal will direct you to the judging area when the judging is due to start.


21.7 Competitors will be directed throughout the judging by the Head Judge. His/her instructions must be followed. Any deliberate and repeated deviation from these directions could result in a loss of points or disqualification.


21.8 Athletes are expected to select the most appropriate class. That is, if you have ever competed as an ‘open’ athlete – you must compete as an open athlete, regardless of what association this may have been with. Make sure you are in the correct class, if you are unsure contact NABBA HQ, or your Area Representative.




22.1 A junior competitor must be under 23 years on the 1st of January in the year to which the New Zealand finals take place.


22.2 Novice competitors are athletes who have not previously won a regional contest or placed in the top three in the National Championships. There must be a minimum of three competitors to constitute a class, otherwise classes will be combined.


22.3 For New Zealand Competitions a majority of Judges should be Nationally Qualified Judges.


22.4 Organisers may run Novice and/or Beginners contests at their own discretion.


22.5 The Mr. Class may be divided into two height classes at Regional Shows, at the organisers discretion.


22.6 The first three placings of each height class at a Regional Show will qualify to compete in the appropriate height class at the New Zealand National Championships.


22.7 Winners of Regional height classes will ‘pose down’ to select Overall Mr/Ms Regional Winner, at the discretion of the organiser.


22.8 Qualifying notifications will be sent out after each show to those competitors who have qualified for the New Zealand National Championships.  If any of the top three have already qualified, the next highest placed athlete/s will qualify for Nationals.


22.9 The winner of all competition classes (including all height and age group classes) will compete in the corresponding ‘Overall Competition’; competing for the respective Mr. or Ms. NZ Title.


22.10 International Classes are for those athletes who have competed at World or Universe Championships. Other athletes deemed to be of a high enough standard would be invited to compete in this class.


22.11 NZ National Open Champions are eligible and required to compete at the International level for two years after the year in which they won the title.



To assist in making the Judging Rounds and the Evening Show Finals as smooth running as possible competitors are requested to observe the following:


23.1 Adhere to appointed check-in, judging and show times. Running times of both events, particularly judging, can vary slightly. Give yourself built in allowance to meet this and to make all necessary preparations.


23.2 Appear in your best possible condition.


23.3 Make sure your nominated height class is the correct one.


23.4 Wear neatly cut trunks or costumes.


23.5 Don’t spoil your appearance with badly applied tanning lotion or too much oil.


23.6 Competitors must provide music for their Individual Routine to the following specifications:

- Music Files will only be accepted in MP3 format.

- Individual Routines can be from 30 to 60 seconds duration.

Your music must be edited/cut to the duration of your routine (i.e. DO NOT SEND AN ENTIRE SONG).





23.7 Be prepared mentally for a lengthy wait if your class is at the end of the competition.


23.8 Consider bringing your own food to the Judging. Some venues may not have the food you want, or it may prove too expensive.


23.9 Athletes will be limited to one support person backstage. A support person is required to have an event ticket, as required by anyone (excluding competitors and NABBA Officials) attending the event.


23.10 Conduct yourself in a manner befitting a body building event, and as a representative of your region.


23.11 HONESTY: Athletes are expected to select the most appropriate class. That is, if you have ever competed as an ‘open’ athlete – you must compete as an open athlete, regardless of what association this may have been with. Make sure you are in the correct class, if you are unsure contact NABBA HQ, or your Area Representative.


23.12 COURTESY: If you have to withdraw from an event you have entered, please contact NABBA HQ ASAP. ‘No-Shows’ on the day of an event do have an impact on the event organisation


23.13 HEALTH and SAFETY: Health and safety is everyone’s business and everyone is expected to share in our commitment to avoid all accidents and incidents, which may cause personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind.


23.14 Consult a NABBA Executive Official if any problems arise.


23.15 Enjoy your experience.



24.1 The New Zealand Executive Committee will rule on any disputes or complaints about the behavior of any member.


24.2 The disciplinary procedures could involve caution, disqualification, suspension or dismissal from NABBA New Zealand. The length of these penalties will be determined by the Executive Committee – in light of the situation.


24.3 Any athlete or official, subjected to disciplinary measures will be allowed a ‘right of appeal’ and hearing, and must apply for this within an agreed period of time. The time is to be set by the Executive Committee.


24.4 Athletes, Officials and Judges are expected to abide by certain guidelines:

a) They shall abide by the Official Conduct and Rules of NABBA New Zealand.

b) They must refrain from making derogative comments about members of NABBA New Zealand. They must refrain from bringing the name of NABBA NZ into disrepute.

c) The final results achieved through the Official Judging process are final. An exception will be made if an athlete has been placed in the incorrect class.

1. Rules
2. Rules
3. Rules
4. Rules
5. Rules
6. Rules
7. Rules
8. Rules
9. Rules
10. Rules
11. Rules
12. Rules
13. Rules
14. Rules
15. Rules
16. Rules
19. Rules
20. Rules
21. Rules
22. Rules
23. Rules
24. Rules





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