Congratulations to all the Athletes that competed at the

2020 NABBA New Zealand National Championships

Saturday 24th October 2020, Auckland 


Ms New Zealand SHAPE - Rhiannon Lelieveld

Mr New Zealand ATHLETIC - Lokin Moeau

Ms New Zealand FIGURE - Gina McNeely

Mr New Zealand PHYSIQUE - Aaron Scurr

Ms New Zealand PHYSIQUE - Lara Crosby

Mr. New Zealand BODY BOARD SHORTS - Elijah Matalomani

Full Show Results available here

2020 has been an interesting year! Sadly we had to cancel all our Regional events this year due to Covid-19, but we were able to go ahead with our National Championships.

A huge shout out to all our athletes who competed on the 24th October, who worked through unusual and testing circumstances, to still achieve a stage ready physique for the

2020 NABBA New Zealand National Bodybuilding Championships. 


We are grateful circumstances allowed us to go ahead with the event.  It was a great celebration of our sport, and we have received so much positive feedback in the days following the event.  Thank you all for your feedback, it makes it all the more rewarding for us knowing everyone had such a great time and enjoyed the experience


We do not do bring these events about alone, so a few words of appreciation;

A BIG THANK YOU to our Sponsors– We had many local sponsors, that have got behind us to run the 31st Nationals in Auckland.  We encourage you all to support these businesses!!


We also would like to express our great APPRECIATION to The NABBA Team, our dedicated Area Reps & NABBA Executive; Gavin Maxwell, Janine Haywood, Rick Ujfalussy, Linda Leliveld, Tina Merriman, Tawhiri Walsh, Bevan Mackenzie

Anne Russell, Audrey O’Keefe, Leanne Roulston, Kristy Ovens and Judy Duggan


This event is a reflection of the great Team we have working together to bring you NABBA in NZ!

They all work ‘above and beyond’, for the sport of Bodybuilding, bringing you events around the country, providing athlete support across the Regions, and volunteering their time and effort for the development of our sport in NZ.

As we reflect over the past 31 years, there are numerous people that have been significant contributors to NABBA -

We thank you all.


A word of appreciation must go to our Judges that also volunteer their time – Judging is a huge responsibility and it was a huge day to get through! – Thank You commitment and professionalism!


Also thank you to all our volunteers that have given their time as ‘the team behind the scenes’

So a huge thanks to everyone who has been a part of this great event our 31st New Zealand National Championships!

We look forward to bringing back our Regional Events with a full Calendar for 2021

We aim to finalise the Calendar in December - Keep an eye on our FB Page and here on the website for updates

Have you contacted your Area Reps yet?

Manawatu - Wanganui

Contact details:

WGNI Contact: Audrey McCosh
Phone: (027) 537 1962
Email: Audrey O'Keefe
Phone: (06) 356 1570
Email: Nabba HQ


Contact details:

Area Rep: Janine O'Keeffe (Haywood)
Phone: 021 227 9122
Email: NABBA Auckland

( North Harbour )

Aea Rep: Rick Ujfalussy
Phone: 0212 169 128


Contact details:

Area Rep: Judy Duggan
Phone: 027 616 2040
Email: NABBA Southland

Lower North Island

Contact details:

( Wellington, Wairarapa & Kapiti )

Area Rep: Bevan Mckenzie
Phone: (027 2545 848
Email: Bevan Mckenzie

Bay of Plenty

Contact details:

( Bay of plenty & Waikato ) 

Area Rep: Tina Merriman
Phone: 021 237 2944
Email: NABBA Bay of Plenty


Contact details:

Area Rep: Linda Lelieveld
Phone: 027 5525 160
Email: NABBA Counties-Manukau
Area Rep: Gavin Maxwell
Phone: 027 237 8568
Email: NABBA Counties


Contact details:

Area Rep: Kristy Ovens
Phone: 021 0227 5434
Email: NABBA Otago
Area Rep: Debe Stewart
Phone: 027 533 2540
Email: NABBA Otago


Contact details:

Area Rep: Leanne Roulston
Phone: 021 339 226
Email: NABBA Canterbury


Contact details:

Area Rep: Anne Russell
Phone: 021 084 29569
Email: NABBA Taranaki

East Coast

Contact details:

Area Rep:  Tawhiri Walsh
Phone: 027 575 9154
Email: NABBA East Coast
Area Rep:  Juana Vincent
Email: NABBA East Coast

Hawke's Bay

Contact details:

Area Rep: NABBA HQ
Phone: 06 356 1570
Email: NABBA Hawke's Bay

2020 Congress Report

More information to come.

Current as of 12/02/2020

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